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By Voice of Rohingya – VOR Correspondent

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Another landslide smashes a Rohingya’s shelter at a makeshift camp and terrifically wounded a Rohingya today (30 July 2019), reports a member of VOR.

Around 5 AM at Block-B-2, Camp-11 of Balukhali two, a huge chunk of mud fell on a Rohingya’s shelter due to landslide, while the sheltering Rohingya family was deep in sleep.

Landslide broke a shelter and injured a Rohingya at camp – 11, Balukhali two of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Image: Voice of Rohingya

The mud chunk directly fell on the head of a Rohingya named Badrullah and he was seriously injured.

Fortunate his wife and children were not injured and were rescued safely by the nearby sheltering Rohingya.

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This is not the first incident of a landslide in the makeshift camp, earlier many Rohingya died (especially children) due to landslides in monsoon.

Since the beginning of this monsoon flood and landslides incresead the death toll of Rohingya in makeshift camps of Bangladesh.

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