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By Rohingya Vision TV

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: A pregnant Rohingya woman was left to death in a Monsoon landslide yesterday night (15th July 2019), reports a Rohingya from the camp.

At camp no. 26 of Nayafara, heavy rain in this monsoon caused a landslide and the shelter below the landslide area was hit, killing a pregnant Rohingya woman.

Family Attestation of dead Rohingya woman in landslide on 15th July 2019. Image: RVISION TV

Her funeral was done by an INGO named EDARA in the next morning.

On the other side, due to narrow and unconstructed roads in block-C-8, camp-11& 12 of Balukhali-2, Rohingya are facing sereve difficulties in walking to thier shelters via the hill slopes.

[Unconstructed roads on slopes at block-C-8, camp-11 of Balukhali-2. Imag: RVISION TV]

In those camps, suffering Rohingya have appealed to INGOSs like BRAC and Action Aid to build roads on those slopes.

In their appeals’ reply both the INGOs have said they will build and even said not to build by the Rohingya themselves.

Till today no INGOs were seen in constructing those slopes and Rohingya padestrians are suffering badly in this situation.

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Since the beginning of this monsoon flood and landslide, death toll have reached to four for the lingering Rohingya in makeshift camps of Bangladesh.

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