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By Rohingya Vision TV

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: Flood, landslide and reduced aid assistance for suffering Rohingya in this monsoon made them agonize with pain in makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh reports sufferers yesterday (6 July 2019).

Hundreds of Rohingya lost their shelters in landslides and lives of children (especially infants) were seen in danger of drowning in flood of this monsoon season’s flood.

Many shelters located below the hills are at high risk of damage and are enough dangerous to take lives of the sheltering Rohingya.

A Rohingya child standing in front of her shelter damaged by landslide at a makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh on 6th July 2019. Image: RVISION TV.

According to updates some camps such as in Balukhali – 1, are getting help from INGOs and Aid organizations, whereas most of the camps are in urgent need of protection & aids.

Among all the areas, Rohingya stuck at no man’s land between the border of Bangladesh & Burma are totally submerged in flood water. Only rare Rohingya were heard of receiving some help in this life-risking situation.

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Currently, only a few INGOs and aid organizations were seen in action, which is very limited and can hardly reach every Rohingya in immediate need.

Some reports confirms, where INGOs and aid organizations denied to help, when suffering Rohingya pleaded.

A Rohingya from the camp said, when he went to ask help, one of the worker from an aid organization replied “If your shelters are flooded what can we do?”.

Besides some other INGO workers were reported of giving half of the aid amount to Rohingya.

At camp no. 27 same incidents occurred, where Red Crescent’s site management officers (Bangladeshi) were heard to be extorting money from Rohingya for aid tokens, which were supposed to be given free of cost.

Rohingya’s shelters damaged by landslides and flood at a makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh on 6th July 2019. Image: RVISION TV.

On 5th July, at Kutupalong camp no. 2, 3 and 6 many Rohingya’s shelters were damaged by landslides and few other destruction reports were received from camp no. 4 as well.

Moreover in camp no. 4 Rohingya are receiving very limited rations and big families were seen starving. Similar situations were also spotted at camp no. 23-27.

From camp no. 7-10, no Rohingya were able to move out of their shelters because of flood water and landslide on the roads.

At Tenghali makeshift camp few shelters were reported to be destructed in landslides and flood.

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