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By Rohingya Vision TV

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: Continuous floods and landslides have disrupted Rohingya’s day to day suffering life in overcrowded makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since the beginning of this month (1st July 2019), reports suffering Rohingya.

From camp no. 24-36 all shelters of Rohingya are submerged in flood water and have made hundreds of Rohingya homeless.

[Rohingya shelters flooded at makeshift camp. Image: RVISION TV]

In those camps Rohingya do not have have any safe place to cook or sleep either.

“My children are starving in this flood as we cannot cook any food in this condition and moreover WFP as reduced our ration amount since the beginning of this month.” says a Rohingya from a makeshift camp.

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In this horrific humanitarian situation not much INGOs were seen in helping Rohingya in their emergency need.

“Till we can go back to our country with our rights and justice, we want INGOs to look up to us to meet our immediate needs,” the women adds further from the camp.

Since the occurrence of flood 2 Rohingy were reported to be dead and further death reports have not been received yet.

In parallel to makeshift camps, the no man’s land between the border of Burma and Bangladesh is still submerged in water and Rohingya in those areas are at dire humanitarian needs.

[Rohingya shelters flooded at makeshift camp. Image: RVISION TV]

Moreover since 6th July, with the order of Burmese government, Bangladesh authorities seized all gas cylinders from the Rohingya at no man’s land and said explosives such as gas cylinders are illegal to use at zero-line.

Now, this has added further obstacles for cooking meals in the flooded zero-line area for the suffering Rohingya, who are stuck there since late 2017.

According to updates, ICRC was seen in supplying some fresh drinking water for the suffering Rohingya at zero-line but it was insufficient to meet the needs of this huge population.

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