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By Rohingya Vision TV

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: Heavy rain in this monsoon season since yesterday flooded Rohingya’s shelters and at no man’s land and several makeshift camps today (4th July 2019), reports suffering Rohingya from various locations.

[Rohingya shelters flooded at No man’s land. Image: Social media]

Heavy rain and wind were also observed in makeshift camps in Cox’s Bazaar, as well as at zero-point.

Due to the construction of the bridge at no man’s land, rainwater could not flow away and caused a flood at no man’s land between the border of Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh.

[A Bridge constructed at No man’s land. Image: RVISION TV]

Since last night no Rohingya at no man’s land could remain in their shelters due to water accumulation.

Until now no news of assistance from any INGO’s or Aid organizations were heard from sufferers.

Later, from makeshift camps such as Balukhali,Β Tenghali and many other nearby (from camp 24-37), were also spotted at similar flooded conditions.

Flood in the camps also accelerated landslide from the nearby hills and Rohingya in those area are at high risk of death or injury.

[Posssibel Landslide areas in makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Image: RVISION TV]

According to updates 90% of the Rohingya shelters are flooded with water and they are not able to cook or sleep either.

Moreover, Since last few days, Rohingya in several camps were in hunger strike due to the deduction of ration amount from World Food Program (WFP).

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Rohingya in flooded areas were seen in panic and were busy in saving possible household goods.

Till now no casualty reports of death or injury in this flood were reported.

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