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December 18, 2021

A Rohingya Muslim cleric was deliberately killed by a military vehicle on the main road of Buthidaung town, Rakhine state, our correspondent reports.

On December 16, at around 10 am, a Rohingya shopkeeper and Islamic teacher was hit by a military van and fell to the ground while he was returning home from Buthidaung Myoma Market by a bicycle.

Soldiers, then, got down from the van, asked him some questions and took him to the battalion. In the evening, his dead body was handed over to the victim’s family, according to a villager.

The victim killed by the military in Buthidaung Township is identified as 40-year-old Kabir, an Islamic cleric from Rwama village (Emudin Para), Buthidaung Township.

An eyewitness said, β€œWhile the cleric was riding a bicycle on the main road of the town, a military van deliberately hit him for being a Muslim. He was seriously injured but did not die on the spot.

“If he was released, he would be paid by the army for his medical treatment. So, the soldiers took him to their battalion to kill him easily through lethal injection.”

Despite repeated calls by the United Nations to provide full security for Rohingya Muslims, the Burmese authorities continue to commit various acts of genocide against the Rohingya Muslims so far.

Reported By: Staff Correspondent

Edited By: Md. Shuaib