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December 16, 2021

Arakan Army (AA), in the same way as Burmese Security Forces (BSFs), is beating Rohingya people and blocking their movements while going out for searching their daily breads in Buthidaung Township, Rakhine State, locals said.

On December 12, 2021, at around 09:00 am, a Rohingya farmer in southern Buthidaung going to his paddy field was caught and inhumanely beaten by three AA members patrolling nearby a stream flowing to the Mayu River, said a villager.

The victim is identified as 28-year-old Habib Ullah, s/o U Sayed from Kindar hamlet, Pho Khaung Chaung Village Tract.

The locals said that Rohingya Muslims living in Pho Khaung Chaung, Kindar, Kya Nyo Pyin, Guta Pyin, Sein Nyin Pya and Say Oo Kya villages are facing difficulties to go to daily work due to the criminal attack and disturbance of AA terrorists.

AA members stationing near government military bases and committing crimes in every hour but the Burmese military forces having no crack down on them yet is clear that both groups are formed with the same intent to rob and kill the Rohingya Muslims.

Reported By: ArakanGo

Edited By: Md. Shuaib