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By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: An outbreak of Dengue has recently developed in the makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since the recent heavy rain of monsoon, and Rohingya in the camps are seen at further health risks, report a Rohingya from the camp.

Since the beginning of monsoon heavy rain has flooded the makeshift shelters, where sewage and lavatory wastes got mixed up, leading to several infectious diseases like cholera, malaria, typhoid, skin diseases, etc.

Among many other infectious diseases, one of the life-threatening issues is the outbreak of Dengue mosquitoes, due to lack of cleanliness and precautions.

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According to sheltering Rohingya, in other places of Bangladesh, Dengue outbreaks were being prevented by spraying insecticides over the places like gutters, sewage, roads, etc. But in makeshift camps, no such precautions were observed before or after heavy rain and floods.

Following the situations, INGOs such as UNHCR,etc, were seen in advising Rohingya for using Mosquito coils and net at night to prevent Dengue to a certain extend.

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Although Rohingya are preventing themselves with the possible means the can afford, but they have urged INGOs and NGOs to look after their immediate needs at this time of health vulnerability.

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