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BUTHIDAUNG – Village Administrators in Buthidaung deceitfully withheld a portion from the due amount of each beneficiary while distributing the fund received for pregnant women and babies under age of 24 months with various fabricated pretexts last week.

Especially Thein Taung Pyin village tract administrator U Kyaw Swe Win distributed 70,000 to each beneficiary deducting 20,000 kyats from a total of 90,000 kyats assigned for.

The fictitious reasons he showed includes either β€˜administration fees, names not matching or not included in the list’.

Though the same administration has collected the names of deserving persons after checking the eligibility and submitted correctly to the concerned authority, when the fund arrived and the administration started to distribute, it fully deprived 20 persons of their aid money and others were paid 70 thousands each. In total it has withheld four million kyat from the whole fund, according to a villager.

In another village called Fone Nyo Leit, the administrator Maung Than Hlaing cut off 20 thousand kyats from each and refused to pay many others at all. Subsequently the amount he cut off is estimated to be 120 thousand kyats.

The same type of corruption is reported of the administrations of Pyin Hla Thein Tan village tract and Payya Pyin Aung Pa village tract.

β€œThe victims who objected and questioned were threatened and silenced somehow. Some victims dare not report the issue lest he could be deprived of what s/he was receiving (i.e. 70 thousands).” a victim told.

β€œI hope higher authorities will take action against these corrupt administrators.” told the villager.

β€œThe voluntary return of the Rohingya to their homes in Arakan state in safety, security and dignity is the only solution to the crisis. We will continue our engagement with Myanmar with Myanmar to make the repatriation of the Rohingyas happen,” said the prime minster.

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