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BUTHIDAUNG – A dozen of buffaloes belonging to Rohingyas were robbed by some Rakhine extremists while they were grazing in a village of southern Buthidaung at around 12 pm on 27 September, reports a local Rohingya.

Three Rohingya herder boys were surrounded and tied down by a group of four Rakhine extremists holding knives and guns and looted 12 buffaloes from the pasture of Halfara area of southern Buthidaung.

One of boys said, two Rakhine extremists were surrounding them holding knives and guns while other two took away 12 buffaloes, more than 4,500,000 kyats worth. When the cowboys were released, they ran to the village and informed about the robbers.

The cowboys were identified to be Shamshu Raman, 12, son of Jamil Ahamd (owner of the buffaloes), Guramiya, 17, son of Foiyazul Islam and Hassan Bashar, 15, son of Rahimullah, who are hailing from Du Owe The Ma village.

β€œSome villagers tried to follow the robbers to bring back the buffalos but security forces stopped them not go further,” he said

The owner of the buffalos was identified as Jamil Ahmed 53, son of Abul Hussein hailing from Du Owe The Ma village of southern Buthidaung.

β€œWe local Rohingyas are victimized every day not only by Burmese military but also by Rakhine extremists.” said a villager to RVision.

“They are allegedly members of Arakan Army (AA),” he added.

The remaining Rohingyas in Northern Arakan state are suffering from ongoing systematic persecution of the authorities and local Rakhine extremists.

β€œMore than 600,000 Rohingyas still in Myanmar at β€˜serious risk of genocide,” IFFM said in their latest report.

Village Administrators in Buthidaung deceitfully withheld a portion from the due amount of each beneficiary while distributing the fund received for pregnant women and babies under age of 24 months with various fabricated pretexts last week.

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