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January 17, 2022

Some Burmese authorities are aggressively abusing the Rohingya Muslims on the roads of Manungdaw, Rakhine State using “Mingalo Kala” – “Mingalo” means “ Fuck your Mother” and “Kala” means “interloper“, and are treating them inhumanely, harassing them religiously and racially as well, locals report.   

On January 15, as the Prime Minister of Rakhine State would pay a visit to Maungdaw, the City’s Development Committee (CDP) launched a campaign of cleaning and adorning the town before his arrival. The authorities ordered the shopkeepers not to litter and not to keep goods out of the shop, to remove signboards and posters of MPT, Telenor and other SIM cards as well as the thatched-roofs built as the obstacles of the sun rays.

During the campaign, U Kyaw Kyaw Than, a lower class servant of CDP, badly verbally abused and insulted the Rohingyas. He is a government employee who does not have dignity and integrity behaves like an officially licensed blackguard, the locals added.

To expose the real behaviors of some Myanmar govt. employees, a town-dweller said, “He is a low-level employee of CDP. And he is also in constant contact with people. He is very rude to the Rohingyas and does not even treat us as human beings. “Haven’t his superiors or his parents taught him discipline and politeness at all?”

Traffic on Min Bagyi Road, west of Maungdaw City Development Market, was temporarily closed on January 15.  And some elderly Rohingya men, unaware of the curfew imposed by the city police station from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., were walking on the road and were rudely chased away by a policeman using an abusive word “Mingalokala” , according to eyewitnesses.

Reported By: Kyaw Swa Min

Editor: Md. Shuaib