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January 17, 2022

The world most persecuted Rohingya refugees in Nayapara Refugee camp, Bangladesh have now become the victims of mosquitoes for not cleaning the drainages since long and dengue outbreak has started but patients are not getting a proper treatment in the camp, some refugees report to Rvision.

According to the refugees, the Aedes mosquitoes have easily built castles on the dirty and rotten garbage in the drainages of the camp, especially in Block-H as they have not been cleaned as usual for a long time.

Drainage condition in Nayapara refugee camp

Consequently, the population of the mosquitoes is getting increased daily and the world most persecuted people, the poor Rohingya refugees have been victimized .

Now, many people have become infected with dengue fever due to the mosquitoes’ bites in day and night and they are unavoidably going to the two health care centers, Referral Health Unit (RHU) and Gonoshasthaya Kendra (GK), in the camp.

It is a matter of sorrow that the patients, by hook or by crook, are being denied to provide with a proper treatment in the centers and sent back them with a lame excuse.

A dengue patient in the camp

A patient with the condition of anonymity said, “Many patients have been admitted in RHU and GK. If the patients are found dengue virus positive, most of them are sent back saying that they will recover soon instead of giving a proper treatment. Some are sent back by saying to come tomorrow.”

Another patient with shiver of fever said, “Dr. Faruk frequently sends back the Rohingya patients without any treatment. He always says to us to come the next day. We don’t know when his next day will end.”

Rohingya refugees in the camp appeal the authorities concerned and the NGOs to take a prompt and effective action against the fatal disease in time. Otherwise, the condition will become out of control and the innocent refugees will have to face a premature death.   

Reported By: Staff Correspondent  

Editor: Md. Shuaib