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January 11, 2022

On January 8, around 3:30 pm, Arakan Army (AA) abducted Mohammad Anas, a 17-year-old tenth grader, son of the late U Shamshul Huda, from middle hamlet of Ywama Village, Kyaik Roe Pyin (Kiyari Fara) Village Tract, north of Maungdaw, Rakhine State, a neighbor told Rvision.

On January 8, a football match was held in Re Myat Taung village, south of Maungdaw where almost all of the Rohingya males went to enjoy it.

At around 3:30 pm, seven unidentified Rakhine men unexpectedly arrived at Anas’s home by a car and started slapping and punching him. Seeing the inhumane beating to her son, his mother apologized profusely not to mistreat him anymore, but AA members forcibly dragged him out and took him into the car and drove him away, the neighbor said.

According to eyewitnesses, the abductors, members of AA, pretending to be ordinary Rakhine, came to Rohingya village to abduct the student.

A Rohingya human rights activist said, β€œWhat wrong the student has done to be caught? This is one of AA’s evils. It is a deliberate attempt to deprive Rohingya youths of their education. AA leader is verbally telling the world that he recognizes the human rights and citizen rights of Rohingyas. But his mistreatment clears us that they are plotting to finish us.”

In December last year, U Dil Muhammad, former Myo Oo Chaung village administrator was abducted by AA on a false accusation. U Alam from Shwe Zar village was also caught and took him to Rathedaung where he had been detained for two months, according to locals.

Rvision is now being reported from everywhere of Arakan that AA is intensifying persecution of Rohingyas day after day in the ground but Tun Mrat Naing, the leader of AA, is trying to get the favour of  media and the international community by hiding his criminal face.

Reported By: Maung Wunna

Editor: Md. Shuaib