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January 09, 2022

A devastating fire has been burning Shafiullah Kata Camp, north of Kutopalong in Bangladesh to ashes since the afternoon today, our staff correspondent reports.

Some refugees told that the fire has intentionally been set at Block A, Shafiullah Kata camp in Jamtali to take the victims to Basan Char where most of the refugees are not willing to go at all for having no safety of life during natural catastrophe and for not getting their necessary facilities adequately.

A refugee with dropping eye-tears said, β€œCamp authorities do not allow us to go to the place where fire is engulfing the camp behind CIC(Camp-in-Charge) office.”

β€œIf we are allowed to get the spot, we may extinguish the fire to minimize the destruction. It is clear to us that camp authorities are using the technique of Burmese security forces to evacuate the camp,” said a refugee while trying to go to the spot.

The causalities of the incident have not known clearly yet as the fire is still consuming the camp.

Reported By: Staff Correspondent

Editor: Md. Shuaib