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January 04, 2022

In a zoom interview done by three reporters from Bangladesh on December 19, 2021, Tun Myat Naing, the leader of Arakan Army (AA), said “We recognize the human rights and citizen rights of Rohingyas.”

Locals said it is AA’s new policy of throwing ashes into the eyes of international media in order to annihilate Muslims from Arakan, Myanmar  as Rohingyas are increasingly being caught and tortured by its members day after day in Buthidaung township.

On December 30, 2021, AA caught U Idris, son of Ismail, a former chairman of Pho Khaung Chaung village tract, south of Buthidaung Township, while he was on his way to town, an eyewitness said.

The former chairman, a well-known Rohingya leader, is a member of village support committee and AA committee as well  but has been caught by AA for being a Rohingya Muslim.

In addition, AA has caught and has been torturing U Huson, village head of Pho Khaung Chaung, for about a week, the eyewitness added.

Locals said that AA’s arbitrary arrests and torture have forced many Rohingyas, including village administrators, educated and wealthy people, to take refuge in Buthidaung town where AA cannot easily enter due to the forces of military council.

Regarding AA’s disguise as friend of Rohingyas, some local Rohingya undoubtedly said, “Tun Myint Naing, holding a friendly football match between Muslims, Rakhines and tribes, tries to convince international community that he loves us. He also gave an interview to a Bangladeshi media, claiming that he recognizes the human rights and civil rights of the Rohingyas. But at home, we are experiencing an acute apartheid behavior.”

A Rohingya human rights activist said, “AA is chasing and catching Rohingya elders, the rich and the educated to torture and to extort money, a very common heinous crime between AA and Burmese forces. AA leader is very smart to plot against our Muslims telling lies to the media”

At present, the Rohingya cannot think of AA’s political maneuver and their trust in AA is slowly coming to zero. If anyone retaliates, losing tolerance for the persecution to their elders or family members, against any AA member or Rakhine, there will surely be a communal conflict, an anonymous Rohingya elder said.

In fact, if there is a recurrence of the Rakhine-Rohingya conflict which is a top secret plan of AA, the Rakhine people will implement their conspiracy by easily wiping out the unarmed Rohingya Muslims from Arakan.

Reported By: ArakanGo

Editor: Md. Shuaib