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January 03, 2022

Due to the negligence of Maungdaw Fire Brigade, four Rohingya homes were completely burnt and destroyed by the accidental fire broke out in Latha Ward in Maungdaw, Rakhine State, according to locals.

On January 02, at around 1.30 am, some villagers reported to the fire brigade that a devastating fire broke out suddenly in the lower part of Latha Ward (locally Italia Para), but the fire brigade did not come to help them in time and so,  four houses were completely burnt to ashes, a villager siad.

The houses destroyed by the fire were made from timbers and bamboos with thatched roofs. The owners of the houses are U Rizuwan, 35; U Jamal Hussein, 60; U Azizuk Hoque, 32, and U Abul Kasim, 65.

The victims, relatives said, are now in trouble due to the lack of shelters and daily necessities.

Some villagers, who do not want to be named, said: β€œAs soon as we saw the fire, we informed the fire brigade of it. But the firefighters did not pay attention on the case for being Rohingya. They came out only when some residents from Kayin Den Ward physically went to call them.

β€œLuckily, we put out the fire before the firefighters arrived at the spot. In fact, if they arrived in time, other houses would not have been destroyed by fire.”

According to a statement from the Rakhine State Military Council, the fire started from the ashes of Rizuwan’s house. And he will soon be arrested for negligent use of fire and legal action is going to taken.

 Reported By: Maung Htay

Editor: Md. Shuaib