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December 30, 2021

AA abducted some innocent Rohingya villagers and has been torturing them to cover up the crime of blazing the piles of paddy bundles belonged to a Rohingya in Kin Dar village, south of Buthidaung Township, Rakhine State, a villager reports.

On Friday, December 24,scandalous Rakhine terrorist group( Arakan Army-AA) based in U Kyaw Thar Si village in south of Buthidaung Township abducted four innocent Rohingya from Kin Dar village, Pho Khaung Chaung Village Tract under the pretext of finding out the criminals who set fire to the piles of paddy bundles belonged to a poor Rohingya farmer.

 The abductees are: Eliyas, 15; Basharya, 20; Mamad Amin 15 and Zakaria, 45.

On Saturday, Mamad Huson, 29 and On Sunday, Hirol Amin, 39, were abducted too and the six Rohingya were inhumanely beaten by AA terrorists.

The next day, three of them-Mamad Amin, Zakaria and Bashaya- were released after paying a ransom, the villager added.

The villager also said AA told that if 25 lakh Kyats were paid for the remaining three victims, they would get released. The abductees’ families somehow gathered money and went to AA but they were refused then.

It is reported that the detainees have brutally been tortured and their beards have been burnt too.

A few days ago, AA deliberately carried out the criminal act of burning down the piles of paddy bundles in Kin Dar village to torture and claim ransom targeting the educated and rich Rohingya Muslims, and/or to create communal violence, locals said.

The locals then said that AA is pressuring the Rohingya villagers to give sentry at night in order to get informed of the military forces patrolling in the villages.

Reported By: ArakanGo

Edited By: Md. Shuaib