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February 14 R Vision

Arakan State, Maungdaw City, According to the residents, a young man living in Njoong Chhao village was hit by a landmine planted by the military council, seriously injured both his legs and lost one leg.

The Maungdaw Township, 17-year-old Muhammat Ayas, who lives in Njoong Chong Village, a former resident of the city, died on February 14 at around 10:00 am, while going to the creek for fishing, the man was hit by a military mine laid by the Nakhkha (5) division based in the city.

Residents said that due to this landmine, both legs were severely injured and one side was lost and their lives were in danger. Currently, the injured person was rushed to Maungdaw Public Hospital, but as there is no medicine to treat the patient, he was ordered to be taken to Sittwe.

As it is difficult to take them to Sittwe at that time, it was learned from the locals that tomorrow they will arrange for medical treatment through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Photo- CJ
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