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R Vision, February 14

The Military Council of Fortify Rights reported that 12 Rohingya individuals were killed and 32 others, including 8 children, were injured during a four-day barrage of heavy weapons in Phon Nyo Liik village, Bu Tai Taung Township, Rakhine State.

According to Fortify Rights, 41 out of 1000 houses were damaged due to the continuous gunfire, forcing over 15,000 locals from nearby villages to seek safety. Despite the dire situation, adequate warnings or provisions for evacuation were not provided to the residents, leading to increased vulnerability.

Fortify Rights calls for an investigation into these egregious crimes, stating that the relentless assault constitutes a blatant violation of International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law.

Survivors, including 4 locals from Phon Nyo Liik village, were interviewed and their testimonies corroborate the severity of the attacks. Fortify Rights meticulously examined photographic and video evidence documenting the casualties and destruction inflicted during the conflict.

A resident of Phonnyo Leik, speaking on behalf of Fortify Rights, highlighted the lack of warning to evacuate, despite temporary shelters being prepared on January 24th. The onslaught intensified after the Yakhoin Army (AA) deployed troops around Phon Nyo Liik village on the morning of January 26th.

This latest assault on Rohingyas underscores the urgent need for accountability and justice in the face of ongoing human rights violations.

Source: Fortify Rights
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