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Buthidaung — Video footage emerged of two Rohingya women lying down on the floor of their houses screaming and surrounded by some people shouting that “the women had been raped by the members of Arakan Army.”

RVision has contacted some of the villagers who confirmed the incident, but it couldn’t reach the victims’ family directly.

According to the villagers, the incident took place today (Friday, 31 January, 2020) at around 5:00 pm in Hpa Yar Pyin Thein Tan (Muslim) Village.

Around five members of AA holding guns and arms raided the village, broke into some houses, allegedly raped two women in their forties and physically assaulted two members of the village administration.

The two rape victims are identified as Z____ K_____, daughter of Younus and N______, daughter of Habib Ahmed from the aforementioned village. (Names are hidden for privacy)

They also tortured Shukkur, son of Bashir Ali and Samu, son of Husain who are heads of ten families in the village administration.

Reportedly Rakhine rebels always harass Rohingyas of this village, restrict their movement and demand ransom from time to time.

Rohingyas in Southern Buthidaung Township complain that the atrocities of Rakhine rebels are always parallel to that of Myanmar army.