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BUTHIDAUNG, Sep. 18 – More than thirty Rohingya men were forced to labor in southern Buthidaung by a column of soldiers leaving Sein Nyin Pyar for Nyaung Chaung on foot.

The victims are hailing from Hpa Yone Chaung and Pyaing Taung villages, who were forced to porter the troop’s belongings to Nyaung Chaung at around 9 am yesterday.

By the intensifying of clashes between Rakhine rebels and Myanmar military, the region of southern Buthidaung observes increasing movement of security forces around. On their way, they beat, torture, kill sometimes the Rohingyas, rob their shops, take away their livestock, bring them as forced labor or at least take them along for company.

Normally military keep them ahead while patrolling in the region and going to serve in the front row so as to avoid any landmine explosion planted by their Rakhine enemy or to use them as human shields.

Countdown of Rohingya ethnic cleansing from their native land reads 600,000 who are currently under genocide, according to the last UN report.

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