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BUTHIDAUNG, 15 Sep 2019: During mutual firings between Rakhine Army and Myanmar’s brutal military around Thar Beik Taung Village (locally known as Harawn Khali) of southern Buthidaung, the latter targeted a Rohingya man with several bullets causing his death on the spot.

The victim is identified to be Abdul Karim, 47, son of Abdu Munaf hailing from the same village (pic) and the incident took place at around 11 am today.

A.M.K from Thar Beik reported to RVision “Rohingya villagers are caught in the crossfire. Bullets and launchers from both sides (AA and Military) hit the village, especially that of the military never miss us as targets.”

“The whole village is destabilized and the villagers, displaced. There are several other casualties in addition to this fatal incident.” he added.

These war victims don’t know where they can resort to, as the Rohingyas are believed to be common targets in this long-running intermittent fights between Rakhines and Bamar Army.

While the remaining Rohingyas are suffering from ongoing systematic persecution of the authorities and local extremists as usual, in the war time they are neither free to flee due to regular movement restriction nor they are welcomed by local shelter houses that are run by either Buddhist humanitarian workers or monks.