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Seventeen Shan organizations jointly released a statement supporting the ongoing legal case rehearsal in ICJ against Burma.

The statement was released a day before the hearings begin in the Hague signed by seventeen communities.

β€œWe, the undersigned Shan communities, strongly support the international legal cases being brought against Burma’s military leaders, who have authorized atrocities against the country’s ethnic peoples for decades with impunity.”

The statement emphasized that like Rohingya the people of Shan have been suffering from state-sponsored atrocities for decades.

It also called for economic sanction on Burma to subjugate the military to stop its atrocities and start a genuine dialogue instead.

Previously Karen, Kachin, Mon, Rakhine and some other communities also welcomed and supported the case, because all the ethnic and religious minorities are similarly targeted by the military.

Genocide hearings have been going on for two days in the Hague court. Today defendant team of Myanmar led by the fallen democracy icon is defending the genocide committed against Rohingya.

Every minority in Myanmar is thirsty of justice. Rohingya people welcomes Shan’s solidarity and support.