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Many Rohingya activists and friends from all over the world arrived at the Hague in pursuit and hope of justice for the victims of genocide.

They came to join the Mass Rohingya Solidarity Rally (the Right Rally) that will be ongoing for two days, 10 – 11 December, before ICJ of the Hague.

The participants in the rally are scheduled to gather at Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ, The Hague, Nederlands between 09:30-14:00 today and tomorrow.

The rally is organized by European Rohingya Council and Myanmar Muslim Association Netherlands calling the public to join them at the historic event in the pursuit of long-waited justice and accountability for the victims of Myanmar genocide as genocide hearings are to begin on December 10-12 at International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the case filed by Gambia against Myanmar for the genocide of Rohingya.

The modern icon of Bamar Supremacy Aung San Suu Kyi arrived at the Hague to defend genocide and whitewash the crimes committed by her military.

Hundreds of supporters from the defendant side are also reportedly to gather at the Hague and there will be a pro-Myanmar protest going to take place on Dec. 11 in front of ICJ.

Not only the Tatmadaw but also ASS Kyi is to be blamed for Rohingya genocide because in the government when the genocide took place, her NLD is the ruling party that constitutes around 75% of the both parliaments whereas the military has 25% reserved seats.

She leads several ministries and several other govt institutions that played an immediate role in the ethnic cleansing and genocide against Rohingya, in addition to her personal support for the security forces committing the crimes against humanity.

The project of Rohingya genocide, thought its cornerstone was set by Ne Win in 60s, the government that attempted to conclude the project is that of NLD led by ASS Kyi.

During these days, prominent Rohingya activists fear for their safety after reports that some informants of Myanmar have been trying to trace home location of U Tun Khin in UK.

Khin wrote, β€œI am very concerned to have received reports from different sources that some members of the Burmese community in the UK, including someone close to the Burmese embassy, have been trying to find out my home address. I very concerned for the safety of my family, and myself.”

Recently, the grandson of Dictator Ne Win suggested Myanmar Military Intelligence to abduct Nay San Lwin and Maung Zarni, the two leading members of Free Rohingya Coalition.

The case in ICJ shed perhaps the first ray of hope for Rohingya shortly before their total ethnic extinction and the members of this minority are seen everywhere dropping tears of supplication to their Lord in support of Gambia and hope of justice.