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MAUNGDAW – Myanmar Border Guard Police check post nearby the ferry crossing the stream between Min Ga Lar Gyi and Tha Yet Oke of Maungdaw North collects money illegally from the Rohingya passersby and ferry passengers, reports Myo Thu Ya.

On 1st December, it extorted from O. G., 16, and his friend 30 thousand kyats each. They are carpenter by profession hailing from Maung Ni village who were returning back to home from their work.

 In another incident, they extorted 2 thousand kyats from M.F., 21, from Minglargyi, who was coming from Tha Yet Oke.

They also collect 5 thousand kyat per gallon from the people passing by carrying petrol or diesel oil.

This BGP check post not only extorts money by threatening or on false accusations but also assault physically, insult or abuse Rohingya passersby.