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Karen (48 organizations) and Mon communities worldwide welcome the ICJ lawsuit filed by the Gambia against Myanmar for committing genocide against its Rohingya minority.

They also stressed that Burmese Army has longstanding record of gross violation of human rights against other minority groups including Karen and Mon.

Kachin communities preceded the two ethnic communities overwhelmingly welcoming the legal action against the perpetrators of genocide.

Previously three members of Myanmar’s Northern Alliance, the Arakan Army (Rakhine), the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (Kokang) and the Palaung State Liberation Front (Ta’ang) declared their support for Gambia’s move and readiness to cooperate with international brotherhood in collecting and providing evidences of crimes perpetrated by Burmese security forces.

Recently, a joint statement is sent by Karen Community of Canada (KCC) and Rohingya Human Rights Network Canada (RHRN) was to the honourable François Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs, welcoming Gambia for filing a case against Myanmar.

Including Rohingya, all these minorities share a common victimhood under Burmese aggression for decades.

Rohingya communities worldwide thank the ethnic groups who declared solidarity with Rohingya and a shared victimhood among all emphasizing the bond of brotherhood and spirit of cooperation.