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Around a hundred Rohingyas gathered for paying thanks to the global community for fighting Rohingya’s justice at the international level in Kampung Pandan of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today (22-11-2019).

Congregated Rohingyas expresses their special gratefulness to the United Nation (UN), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), International Court of Justice (ICJ), International Criminal Court (ICC), Bangladesh, Malaysia, Gambia and all other countries as well as INGOs who have been supporting limitlessly for Rohingya cause.

Rohingyas were listening to the guests. (Photo: RVision TV)

Rohingya Community in Malaysia (RCM) organized an appreciation event at Masjid Nurul Islam hall. The congregation started at 4:50 pm which lasted for two hours. Some prominent Rohingya youth activists from Kuala Lumpur were present as guests on the occasion. Rohingyas from different part of Kuala Lumpur were attended the event.

The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran which was recited by Hafez Ayat Ullah. The opening remark was given by social activist Shafiqul Islam. The news anchor of RVision TV and youth activist, Ajmeer Omer, gave his speech as a special guest on Rohingya Genocide and Global Response. Rohingya Archivist and youth activist, Anisul Islam, talked on Rohingya Genocide Survivors and Rights in Malaysia.

The news anchor of RVision TV and youth activist Ajmeer is giving speech in the event. (Photo: RVision TV)

Ajmeer said in gratitude, β€œWe highly thankful to Gambia for its brave stance in filing case against genocidal government Myanmar at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Now we would like to urge the European Union (EU), USA and other countries to support the Gambia in their case at the ICJ.”

He further added, β€œAll the persecuted ethnics of Burma should work hand to hand to bring genocidal criminals under justice. We appreciate the Kachin National Organization (KNO), National Alliance of Burma (USA), Canadian Burma Ethnic Nationalities Organization (CBENO), Coalition of Burma Ethnics Malaysia (COBEM) and Civil Rights Movement (USA) for showing strong stance against Burmese genocidal government.”

Rohingya Archivist and youth activist Anisul Islam is giving speech in the event. (Photo: RVision TV)

Activist Anisul Islam said, β€œWe have been waiting for justice for several decades. Now we are witnessing some progress at the international level in this regard. We firmly believe justice will prevail.”

Finally, the event was concluded with special supplication by Ustad Din Mohammed. They prayed for a fair result in ICJ and other international tribunals.

The Rohingya community started to believe the case will punish the Burmese perpetrators which will put a full stop to β€˜Rohingya Genocide’.