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Refugees and retailers from Rohingya camp No. 22 in Unchiprang complain that they are suffering from the local sellers inside the camp who monopolize fishes and vegetables and hiked up the prices claiming to have Camp In-Charge (CIC)’s permission to do so.

Two locals namely Helal and Ruhul Amin started selling fishes and vegetables inside the camp several months ago when CIC Faroque was the in-charge and once they managed to enter the camp, they have been trying to control the retail market.

Currently, claiming to have monopoly on fishes and vegetables permitted by the CIC, they don’t allow any Rohingya refugee retailer to sell these items and the consumers to buy from elsewhere and hiked up the prices of them.

A consumer told RVision β€œThey (Helal and Ruhul Amin) are the only fish and vegetable sellers available in the camp. We have to buy fishes and vegetables with more expensive than normal prices. They have increased 10 to 20 takas in the price of everything.”

According to refugees, this kind of harassment could not happen in the constant presence of army. But their infrequent patrol nowadays gave those perpetrators chance to play with refugees.