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Kachin Nation Organization (KNO) overwhelmingly welcomes Gambia’s filing of a lawsuit against Myanmar at the UN’s highest court, International Court of Justice (ICJ) supporting the former’s accusation against the latter of committing genocide of Rohingya.

KNO expressed this through a press statement issued from the Office of Kachin National Council on November 15, 2019.

KNO stressed that all the concerned states should take their part along with Gambia as their moral and vital obligation to refer the perpetrators of genocide to accountability and that not only Rohingya but also other minorities such as Shan, Karen, Karenni, Mon and Rakhine are victims of military atrocities referring to the Burma Military Establishment as the root cause of chaos in the country.

Kachin is one of the long-persecuted minorities of Myanmar, another decades-old victim of Bamar majority’s aggression.

On behalf of the Organization of Muslim Countries (OIC), its member state Gambia filed a case on Monday at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) accusing Myanmar of committing genocide against its Rohingya Muslim minority, drawing praise from human rights groups and Rohingya people.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has also approved on Thursday a full investigation into Myanmar’s alleged crimes against the Rohingya, as it faces mounting legal pressure worldwide over the treatment of the ethnic minority.

Rohingya and Latin American human rights groups submitted the lawsuit on Wednesday in Argentina for crimes against Rohingya Muslims under the principle of “universal jurisdiction,” a legal concept enshrined in many countries’ laws, where ASS Kyi and several other to officials are mentioned.

In the latest Myanmar military cleansing operation, about one million Rohingya were forced out representing 90% of the then-Rohingya population in their homeland and constituting world largest refugee camp, while more than 10,000 were killed according to MSF surveys, and hundreds of women were raped.

Remaining Rohingyas in the homeland still face a threat of genocide by Myanmar government and atrocities by Rakhine rebels.

Rohingya is considered the most persecuted minority of the world.