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By Rohingya Vision TV | 4th April 2017

Zurich: Swiss e-government venture Procivis and non-governmental organisation the Rohingya Project have announced a partnership to enable financial and social inclusion for the 3.5 million Rohingya people living across the world  today (4 April 2018).

To battle the financial and social exclusion of the Rohingya across the globe for being stateless and lack of Identification Procivis will supply its eID and platform along with combining it to the Rohingya Project’s unique verification process, to provide the stateless Rohingya population with a trusted personal identity, as a part of the collaboration.

Procivis founder and CEO Daniel Gasteiger said: “It’s great to see how our technology can help solve some of the pressing issues the Rohingya face today. I have a high regard for the work of the Rohingya Project and applying our solution in this context will allow us to gain valuable experience with implementing electronic identity solutions for populations who can’t count on a trusted government-issued identity.”

Muhammad Noor, co-founder and managing director of the Rohingya Project said: “Being a Rohingya myself, I know what it means to belong to a stateless population first-hand. For our people, a secure digital identity isn’t just something nice to have – it’s an urgent necessity. If such an identity would have been in place when the Rohingya became stateless in 1982, our community wouldn’t have to face many of the struggles it is facing today. We’re excited that Procivis is supporting our cause by offering us access to their trusted technology and works with us to share our insights for the benefit of other humanitarian missions.”

[Rohingya project’s co-founder Muhammed Noor in discussion with Rohingya Action Committee (RAC) members in weekly meetings]

The Rohingya Project is a grassroots initiative targeting a central issue the Rohingya diaspora face as a result of statelessness: financial exclusion. So far, it has been building a digital financial platform to make financial services accessible to the community. It is also offering vocational training to help people enter the labor market and organises workshops and social activities, especially bringing people from dark economy to mainstream economy along with merging them to digital world. The electronic identity solution the Rohingya Project is implementing together with Procivis will serve as the key to access most of these services.

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