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In a recent development, Bangladesh is reportedly planning to return Myanmar security forces who fled due to the ongoing fighting in Arakan State. According to Bangladesh’s news media, the country’s Foreign Minister, Hasan Mahmud, stated that he will be contacting Myanmar authorities to facilitate the return of 177 Myanmar border guards who crossed into Bangladesh on March 11.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made it clear that Myanmar border guards, along with civilians, were not accepted upon their arrival in Bangladesh and will be sent back, similar to previous occurrences. Discussions are currently ongoing with Myanmar authorities to facilitate the return of the security forces.

This comes after over 300 individuals, including Myanmar security forces and their families, sought refuge in Bangladesh in late February. Both countries coordinated and repatriated them to Myanmar via sea on February 15th.

This situation highlights the ongoing conflict in Rakhine State, which has forced many to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighboring countries. The repatriation of Myanmar security forces by Bangladesh authorities could be seen as a step towards easing tensions between the two countries.

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