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September 07, 2021

A new phase of Rohingya Genocide has systematically been started in Arakan (at present- Rakhine State) due to deprivation of all basic human rights- the right to life and personal security, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom from slavery and torture, the right to work and education, access to health care and many more, according the locals.

In Buthidaung Township, a strong lockdown has recently been declared for a month without considering the living condition of the poor Rohingya Muslims. The Muslims live from hand to mouth, never knowing where the next meal will come from.

Members of Arakan Army with Rakhine people

A Rohyingya from Buthidaung said, “Peoples, excluding our Muslims, living in Arakan can easily move across the country and abroad as well. They can earn much and save a lot for the future.  This lockdown will lose nothing to them.

“As you know, most of the Rohingya Muslims are day laborers. And we live by other’s work. Whenever we get paid, we can feed our mouths. Now we find no way to be alive. So, we call the lockdown as a NEW PHASE OF GENOCIDE”    

Now, most of the Rohingya families in Buthidaung Township have been suffering from the shortage of food and thousands of children from malnutrition and health problem. They are not getting any support from INGOs and United Nations.

Rohingya people are deprived of health services too. A few sick people- patients suffering from fatal diseases and pregnant women needed to hospitalize for delivery- are having accessibility to hospitals by hook and by crook but most of them are being killed through lethal injection at General Hoispital of Buthidaung, a patient who went to the hospital for treatment reports.

“Generally our people are not getting medical treatment at government hospital, especially at Buthidaung Hospital. A few serious patients are accepted unavoidably. But most of them are killed at the hospital via injection with an excuse of Covid-19.

“If the dead bodies can be checked by International doctors, the culprits, the duty doctors at Buthidaung Hospital, can be caught red-handed.  

“Many patients of Buddhists and other races are being hospitalized but none of them is dead yet,” said an urban dweller on the condition of unanimity.

In Rakhine State, Burmese armed forces are not the only killers of the innocent Rohingya Muslims but also Arakan Army (AA) is busy with the indiscriminate killing of our people through abduction for a big amount of ransom.

An old man said, “We can give you a big list of the people who have been killed at hospitals, by Burmese forces and by AA. In fear of double victimization to the families and the relatives, we cannot expose the list of the dead.”

On August 29, U Kyi Han, a sergeant in charge of Sa.Ra.Pa killed U Raji Alam , 30, s/o Kolla Miya, the village administrator of U Shay Kya village in southern Maungdaw, a fearless Rohingya reported.

On August 15 and 27, military forces from (375), Infantry Battalion and the police from ( 5), Border Guard Police Station collaboratively raided Kyaik Ro Pyin village, U Shay Kya, Nga Tha Kyu and Ngan Chaung villages. In the raid, seven villagers were illegally arrested including U Rafique, the village administrator of Kyaik Ro Pyin Village Track.

A few days before, Border Guard Police (BGP) deliberately arrested 14 Rohingya men form Tha Ye Kin Ma Nu village under Buthidaung Township. Most of them got released after being extorted money but two of them will reportedly be sentenced to jailed for years where they may be killed, he added.

In August, 2021, AA abducted a Rohingya Moulana, one of the highest religious teacher, who had been detained for three days, tortured physically and released him in lieu of money. The Moulana is hailed from Wara Kyung village under Buthidaung Township. There are many Rohingya men like Moulana waiting to share their sufferings but cannot do so because of the fear of death, he continued.

Very soon, the Rohingya will have to lead a burden life in the darkness. Rohingya students are completely falling into a deep hole of illiteracy day by day. This is getting bigger and bigger yearly due to inaccessibility of higher education and the curse of Covid-19 pandemic, a Rohingya teacher said.

Rohingya people in general seek the urgent intervention of UN, INGOs, OIC, powerful countries and international community in order to get rid of deprivation of basic human rights and ongoing genocide.

Reported by: Buthidaung ground

Edited By: Md. Shuaib