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September 12, 2021

The Burmese military council has settled Model Rakhine villages on the lands that belong to the Rohingya Muslims expelled to the neighbouring country Bangladesh in 2016 and 2017, our correspondent reports.

Between October and November 2016 and from 25, August 2017 till now, Myanmar government, in the name of clearance operation, expelled more than a million of Rohingya Muslims from the whole Arakan (Presently Rakhine State) to Bangladesh with a plan of devouring their wealths and properties.

To materialize the genocidal plan, the military council has started settling Rakhine villages on the lands belonging to the Muslims who were driven out to Bangladesh from the south and the north parts of Maungdaw, Arakan, a Rohingya farmer said.

Crying madly, a local Rohingya from northern Maungdaw said, “Burmese military terrorists drove out our brothers and sisters by playing a political game, brought rude Rakhine families from other towns and settled them on our farm lands.”

The military council brought many Rakhines, reportedly known as dacoits and Muslim killers, from Kyauktaw, Minbya, Myebon and settled them on the lands of Rohingya people who took shelter in Bangladesh to escape from rape, killing and arson perpetrated by military terrorists.  

A Rakhine villge, so-called dacoit society has recently settled in the north of Maungdaw and named it as Nwar Nyo Taung. On April 22, 2021, the construction work of the village was started by the supervision of Saya Daw, a Buddhist Monk, from 3-Mile of Maungdaw under the direction of military council, the local added.

Video footage of Rakhine village, Nwar Nyo Taung settled on Rohingyas’ land in north of Maungdaw

Many more Rakhine villages have already been settled on the Muslim’s lands in the south of Maungdaw too. And the military dictator has a secret plan to found more model Rakhine villages on the Muslim’s lands in future, an anonymous Rohingya man from southern Maungdaw reported to Rvision.    

It is not unknown to the world that the successive governments of Myanmar have been busy with expelling the Rohingya peole out of the country to eradicate  Rohingya Muslims from their ancestral land, Arakan, resulting in building up the  world largest refugee camp in Bangladesh.   

Reported By: Rvision Correspondence

Editor – Md. Shuaib