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BUTHIDAUNG – A Rohingya elderly man is shot dead by Myanmar military in Buthidaung, Arakan State today at around 8:30 am.

The victim is identified as Siddique Ahmed, son of Sultan Ahmed from Sin Tay Pyin Village of Buthidaung and he is a fisherman by profession and was surviving on an income not even from hand to mouth.

While Ahmed was fishing at his local fish farm in the morning, the military targeted him with a killing bullet that hid hid head and he immediately fell to his death on the spot.

Though he was holding proper documentation and took military permission prior to going for fishing, in addition to his looking white-bearded in his late sixties, the military just shot him dead out of their brutality.

The Rohingyas remaining inside their native land are so restricted and confined that they need permission even to go for fishing and farming in the same village they live let alone leave the village.

Despite this, their lives don’t matter.

Mostly people are surviving below the poverty line and on the other hand, they face systematic persecution of the authorities and Buddhist extremists.