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Rohingya refugees from Balukhali Camp 11, Block B-2 have been continuously  complaining for eight months about the shortage of toilets and unusability of what is available.

There are 120 families in Block B-2 and they are lucky enough to enjoy 5 latrines competitively. The latrines are very old and almost broken due to excessive use by overcrowded users. For about eight months, they have not been cleaned at all.

Camp 11, Block B-2

In addition to damages of walls and roofs, the tanks are full and pouring out the feces and molding the surrounding areas with.

A camp resident told RVision that β€œUsers queue up 24/7 and the toilets became dirty and smell very bad. It polluted the ground and the air. But people still have to use it, as there is no other choice, and especially women are suffering extremely.”

Camp 11, Block B-2

β€œTo attend the call of nature is a necessity where patience never works. But it is hard for us even to breathe let alone relieve ourselves. More dangerous is that kids always play around or pass by.” he added.

According to the residents from Block B-2, they have repeatedly complained to the concerned management bodies, WASH Sector and cleaning volunteers who always turn a blind eye to this issue.

Reportedly, in Balukhali Camp 11, Block B-1 is also facing the same situation.

Camp 11, Block B-1
Camp 11, Block B-2