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Reports have emerged of mass killings and abductions of Rohingya youths and men from Ward No. 5 (87) in Buthidaung by the Arakan Army (AA). And more the victims are 135 Rohingya men from Sindi Parang village and 95 Rohingya males from Young Choong village.

Locals have reported that 40 Rohingya men from Taungbazar village were killed without cause, accused of being associated with government forces. Family members of the victims have provided testimonies confirming these incidents.

In an effort to suppress the news, the AA has not only prohibited Rohingya families from leaving the Buthidaung area but also confiscated all mobile phones they found. Rohingyas crossing on foot are being arrested and killed by AA mercenaries along the ridge passing from Budhid Mountain to Maungdaw.

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