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Two dead bodies with their necks slashed were discovered floating in the stream near a Myanmar military watch post in Aung Bala village, Shwe Zar Kappa Gaung hamlet, northern Maungdaw Township. Villagers from Aung Bala made the grim discovery around 9 o’clock in the morning on June 1, 2024.

Previously, on the evening of May 29, another dead body was found floating in the Naf River near Maung Ni village, also in northern Maungdaw Township. Fishermen who discovered the body reported that it was bound at the neck with a rope and believed it to be that of a Rohingya individual.

One fisherman stated, “The body may have come from Lapaw Zar, Paung Zar, or Minglalar Gyi villages and drifted into the sea near Minglalar Gyi.”

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