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By Rohingya Vision TV

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: Bangladeshi police physically abused some Rohingya women along with children and elderly in a makeshift camp at Leda area, after accusing them of drug trafficking on 17th June 2019, reported victims.

Two-three Rohingya women at block D-10, camp-24 were accused of being involved in illegal drug (Yaba tablet) business, which in reality are run by Bangladeshi locals in the area.

In the incident, Bangladeshi police arrived at a Rohingya home at night and started beating the Rohingya woman, her child and an elderly lady as well.

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According to victims’ testimonies, both male & female police started beating them and verbally abused them as well.

One of the police shouted at them and said “you people should leave this place, this is not your country.”

Later, when the victim tried to save her savings, they snatched away her money which was nearly 40, 000 taka.

The victims also said that they have witnessed male police molesting and beating young women near their area with the same untrue accusations.

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“We were being driven away by the Burmese military in our country (Arakan) and now police here are also not allowing us to stay in peace. We don’t know where will we get a safe place to live a human?” said one of the victims is a testimonial video.

Nearly 1.3 million Rohingya are sheltering in the makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh after fleeing intense genocidal operation in Arakan (Rakhine) state. Since then Bangladesh has hosted this huge population and Rohingya from the camps have always shown their appreciation and gratitude towards the generous government of Bangladesh.

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