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By Rohingya Vision TV

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: Two innocent Rohingya were shot to death by Bangladeshi police yesterday (15th May 2019), after they were arrested and accused of being human traffickers.

Dead body of killed Rohingya, Abdu Salaam. Image: RVISION TV

In the incident, two of the Rohingya (uncle and nephew) were arrested by Bangladesh Police earlier this week from Shamlapur makeshift camp, while they were hanging out to a nearby shop after having theirs Iftaar (meals for opening fast).

The victims were identified as Abdu Salaam from Jamtoli of TengHali makeshift camp and Ajimullah S/O Abdu Rakhim sheltering at Shamlapur makeshift camp.

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According to a statement received via a phone call from the son of Abdu Salaam, they were simply accused of being trafficking Rohingya to Malaysia without any solid evidence to prove the accusation.

Both the arrested Rohingya were tortured by jail authorities and they explained how they were tortured to the mother of Ajimullah (who is also the sister of Abdu Salaam) when she went to see her son and brother the next morning.

Furthermore, when both families went to the police station to give evidence of their innocency to the police, they said to pay 30,000 Taka for releasing only Ajimullah.

Following the situation, next day both families carried Mazis (camp supervisor) along with them to give their assertion of victims’ innocenc not to be involved in any human trafficking.

Then, they were assured by the police that they will be released next morning at 10 AM after the arrival of the police department’s head from Teknaf district.

With the assurance of the police both families went back to their home and the next morning they received a phone call by saying that they were dead in a crossfire with police.

Then, immediately the same incident was elaborated differently by the Bangladeshi police to different media and news agencies, stating that they were killed in a crossfire with police, which no one witnessed in the makeshift camp.

According to a statement from a neighbour in Shamlapur makeshift camp said Ajimullah was a common Rohingya who had no links with traffickers.

In our phone call with the son of Abdu Rahman, he further concluded the incident and said: “It is the conspiracy of the of real human traffickers to hide and they paid money to the Bangladeshi authorities to do this heinous crime”.

Now both the victims’ families’ are in a state of shock and they demanded justice for their killed family members from higher Bangladeshi officials, international observer and NGOs, who are there in Bangladesh to protect Human right, safety and dignity of the victims of genocide.

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Since late 2016, Bangladesh is sheltering nearly 1.3 million newly arrived Rohingya, who had to leave Arakan (Rakhine) in genocidal operations by Burmese armed forces.

Throughout the sheltering period, Bangladeshi armed forces such as Army and other departments, as well as locals have been compassionately supporting the sheltering Rohingya, and become one of the largest refugee-hosting countries in the world.

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