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November 24 / 2021

Arson attacks have reportedly been started by military and Rakhine extremists to oust the rest Rohingya Muslims from the country, Myanmar.

The Local Rohingya Muslims reported to Rvision that military and Rakhine people have joined now to burn down Islamic schools and houses of the Muslims who are still in the country though extrajudicial killing, implantation of ROHINGYA GENOCIDE, was carried out by the Burmese security forces in northern Rakhine, Myanmar in 2017.   

With the intention of Rohingya extinction, a group of Rakhine extremists set fire to some houses in Thapye Taung (Harang Khali) south of Buthidaung Township at around 5:20 pm on November 21.

At around 4 am on November 13, about 60 soldiers and police set fire to the Madarasa Riazul Ulom, a reputed Arabic University at Mee Kyaung Zei in Buthidaung Township and it was completely burnt into ashes, according to some local eyewitnesses.

Last week, some Rakhine extremists and the Burmese soldiers burnt down the home of U Yakub, a health worker at the government hospital in Taung Bazar, Buthidaung Township, according to a local resident.

On November 19 at around 1:30 A.M, two unidentified Rakhine youths smashed the glasses of the windows of the rented house of former village administrator from Taung Pyo Lekwei under Maungdaw. And the house is situated to the west of the information office and south of the Maungdaw clock tower.

The tenant reported to the authority concerned about the incident but no action had been taken, a town-dweller said.

In addition, the Rakhine youths damaged some outer lights of Rohingya-owned shops on Mahabandula Road in Maungdaw at night, the town-dweller said again.

A resident of Maungdaw, who does not want to be named, said β€œIn Maungdaw, a curfew is announced from 10 pm to 5 am. Section 144 is also declared for those who do not abide by the order.

 β€œIf any Rohingya is found outside the house after 10 pm, the authorities are immediately taking action against him and extorting money. However, the district crime police have not taken any action against the Rakhine extremists yet.”

Local authorities and Arakan Army(AA), a Rohingya activist said, are openly encouraging the Rakhine youths to involve in burning houses and causing catastrophe with them in order to annihilate the remaining Rohingya Muslims from Arakan, Burma.

Reported By: Staff Correspondents

Edited By: Md. Shuaib