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AA (Arakan Army) is blocking and forbidding the Rohingyas from returning to their original villages in Buthidaung town and its surrounding areas in Arakan state, Myanmar.

Many Rohingyas were evacuated due to clashes between the AA and the Myanmar military. They sought refuge in different places but are now being prevented by the AA from re-entering their original villages.

A source stated, β€œMany Rohingyas, residents of Buthidaung downtown, Tamin Chaung, and Kepyu Taung Rohingya villages, have been displaced by the AA and sought refuge at Ngan Yant Chaung (Taung Bazar). They are encircled by the AA there and are not allowed to return to their original villages.”

β€œOur villages were burned down to ashes by the AA. We were evacuated from our original villages and taken to Ngan Yant Chaung (Taung Bazar), where we are now sheltered. However, the AA is not allowing us to go back to our original villages despite there being no ongoing clashes.”

Another Rohingya said, β€œThe AA displaced us, made us homeless, and robbed us of all our valuable possessions during the displacement.”

β€œGold, jewelry, money, and smartphones were snatched by the AA while we were vacating our village and sheltering at Ngan Yant Chaung (Taung Bazar). The AA also robbed expensive items from the refugees.”

An IDP (Internally Displaced Person) reported, β€œThe AA is intimidating the refugees and forbidding them from leaving the territory of Ngan Yant Chaung (Taung Bazar). The AA forcibly brought us to Ngan Yant Chaung and has been inspecting the refugees since May 22nd. Most of the IDP youths are being abducted on false allegations by the AA, claiming they are informants for the Myanmar military.”

He recounted, β€œThe AA is searching for Rohingya youths who were forcibly conscripted by the Myanmar military. Since there are none, their families are being taken and intimidatingly interrogated by the AA.”

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