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Ukhiya, 24 September β€” Local Bangladeshi gang extorts money from Rohingya refugee retail shops, home-attached stalls, and roadside sellers in Balu Khali 2, Shabullah Hada Camp 16, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar.

RVision sources sent video footage of locals collecting money on Sept. 21, 2020 saying they are collecting tax for the government.

Locals extorting money in Balu Khali 2 on 21 Sept 2020.

There is not just a group who is extorting money illegally but there are many groups in different locations across the camps involved in this mischievous acts in a chaotic manner, according to the source.

A retailer told RVision, “we have to pay rental to the land owner, tax for the road and finally local gangs are collecting money saying government tax while we are doing this for our daily survival.”

On the same day a group of shopkeepers came on street to protest against those gangsters and called on the government to take action.

Based on the size of the business, they collect 10 to 100 taka per day from each and physically assault those refusing the gang tax. While carrying goods from the market for shops, they also stop the refugees on the road and forcefully extort money.

Though the gangsters are collecting money in public, authorities have taken no action against them yet.