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Balukhali – Two Rohingya minor girls went missing since Friday at Block A-7, Camp 11, Balukhali 2, Ukhiya, reports VOR.

The two girls are identified as Asmotara, 12, (T67-00323077) and her younger sister, Rina Akter, 11, (T67-00323076), daughters of Ataullah (father) and Toyeba Begum (mother). They are members of the family with FCN No.: 194260, ProGres No.: T67-17C93813, MoHA No.: 14820171029122615.

The two sisters left their shanty at around 11:00 am to visit the maternal grandparents. Later on, the family came to know that they didn’t reach their intended destination which is at a walking distance from their home nor came back home.

According to the source, there is no possibility of losing their way as this was not the first time for the kids to visit their grandparents without any adult’s company.

Their parents, relatives and neighbors have been looking for them everywhere possible for the missing sisters to be in, but in vain.

The two minors are allegedly targeted by unknown miscreants. But nothing is confirmed yet by the  Camp In-Charge. And it is hoped that the authorities will take proper action to save the two innocent victims.

“Please announce the incident in news channels and share the news as much as possible. Perhaps I could see my daughters’ face again.” requests Ataullah.