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October 26/2021

The Bangladesh police deployed in the world largest refugee camp for the safety of refugees are reportedly committing crimes of arresting, extortion of money and imprisonment to the innocent Rohingya refugees.

After the killing of  Mr. Mohibullah, one of the top leaders of Rohingya refugees,  Bangladesh police have got a golden opportunity to arrest, torture and  extort money from the refugees on the pretext of clearance operation against the miscreants in the camp, the  relatives of victims from Kutupalong camp reported to Rvision.

To whitewash the criminal activities of the police, refugees said, some innocent and helpless arrestees are being sentenced to jail filing a case of drug smuggling.

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, while a cosmetic seller Mohammed Rashid s/o Shukkur and his biological sister from camp-7 in Kuthopalong were going back from Kutupalong market in the evening, police at the TV Tower gate unexpectedly stopped them and checked their bodies and shopping bags.

Getting no illegal thing like Yaba, the police trickily plotted to go to their makeshift camp to check, said an eyewitness.

While checking the tent, the police found Nurul Islam s/o Kala Mia sleeping on the floor. He was handcuffed without any interrogation and all of them were taken to the police camp where they were inhumanely tortured, the witness added.

After hours, Police released Rashid extorting 80,000 Taka but his sister and a day laborer Nurul Islam were handed each 500 Yaba tablets from a policeman’s pocket and took pictures as evidence.

Brother-in-law of the Nurul Islam said the police sent them to jail on the allegation of drug smuggling.

Sayedul Islam, one of the relatives of the victims said, β€œThe police are deployed here for our life security but they have forgot their duties and responsibilities and took the shape of blood suckers of the people who are the most persecuted ones in the world.

β€œNow, we don’t see any difference between Myanmar BGP and Bangladesh police. We feel, even though we are in Bangladesh, we are still in the place where any life threatening mishap can be happened.”

β€œWe really want safety and security and so, we are helping the police to arrest the miscreants in the camps,” said an elderly refugee.    

According to the refugees, there are many similar incidents that Bangladesh security forces have been carrying out against the innocent refugees after the assassination of Mr. Mohibullah in Kuthopalong camp.

The refugees from the camps are seeking international intervention to hold the rudder of the Bangladesh security forces deployed in the camp so that they cannot commit the crimes of arresting, torturing, extorting and imprisoning the innocent ones any more.

 Reported By: Rvision Correspondent

Edited by:  Md. Shuaib