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On March 28th, 2024, the Arakan Army abducted four Rohingya residents of Kyee Hnoke Thee Rohingya village, located in the Nga Yant Chaung tract in northern Buthidaung Township.

The individuals kidnapped by the Arakan Army are Abdul Hamid (33 years old), Ramat Ullah (32 years old), Ibrahim (47 years old), and the son of Kala Meya (31 years old), according to sources.

Reportedly, the kidnapped individuals were taken to the Arakan Army’s outpost or camp in Oke Taung village, near Buthidaung downtown, after being seized from their homes in Kyee Hnoke Thee Rohingya village.

It’s noted that there is a base camp of the Arakan Army in close proximity to Kyee Hnoke Thee Rohingya village, and members of the Arakan Army frequently visit the village, demanding items like cows, goats, and rice for their daily sustenance.

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