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23 Rohingyas were killed on the spot, and more than 60 Rohingya individuals were seriously injured in Thada Rohingya village in Minbya Township in the early morning at about 1:00 on 18th March 2024.

A source said, “Myanmar military came with jet fighters and dropped bombs upon the Rohingya village called Thada in Minbya Township at around 1:00 in the early morning on 18th March, resulting in 23 Rohingya individuals dying and more than 60 Rohingya individuals being seriously injured.”

An injured Rohingya stated, “The jet fighters began dropping bombs in the middle of Thada Rohingya village at around 1 o’clock in the early morning on 18th March while the residents of the village were sleeping.”

23 Rohingya individuals died on the spot, and more than 60 were wounded. The corpses of the individual Rohingyas remain in the village, covered with tarpaulins. There are children, women, and elderly people among the dead.

A villager of Thada said, “Thada village has more than three hundred houses and nearly two thousand inhabitants. It is located three miles north of Minbya Township.”

He also added, “There are many people in Thada village who escaped from Sein Gyi Pyin village due to bombardments and fighting between the Arakan Army (AA) and Myanmar military.”

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