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Kyauktaw ― Five Rohingyas, including three men and two women, from Paik Thei village of Kayuktaw township, injured by military shelling are denied access to healthcare, RT reported.

They were injured by the shell fired from the Military post in Kaspanadi Bridge on May 11, 2020, at around 6:00 p.m. The victims are identified as U Hla Maung Tha, 55; Jamal Uddin, 35, and Mohammad Ayas, 17, including two other women.

Due to the movement restriction imposed since 2012, the Muslims from Paik Thei village can’t visit the Kyauktaw General Hospital which is at a distance of quarter-hour from the village.

Instead, the three men with critical injuries were sent to Apauk Wa Cottage Hospital, where they reached at 9:00 pm after a long journey by boat that took about two hours. But they were not admitted.

The Apauk Wa Cottage Hospital required referrals from the Kyauktaw General Hospital, where the Muslims are not allowed to go. Finally they have to apply for travel permit from the local authorities. To do so, a long procedure is to be followed, yet the approval is not certain though it may take few days.

Even in emergency situation, the remaining Rohingyas in their homeland are denied access to healthcare.