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A well-known Rohingya man was tragically shot dead in Buthidaung on April 17th, 2024. The victim, identified as Huson Juhar, also known as Joker, was riding his bike home in ward no. 02 of Buthidaung downtown, Arakan State, Myanmar, when he was attacked by members of the AA at approximately 7 p.m. According to sources, Huson Juhar was targeted with gunfire, resulting in fatal injuries from multiple bullet wounds.

This incident follows another tragic event on April 16th, 2024, where four Rohingya individuals from ward no. 02, Buthidaung downtown, lost their lives due to an artillery shell fired by the AA. The shell struck the home of Mohammad Nasim, brother-in-law of Mohammad Nur, claiming the lives of Mohammed Nasim’s entire family, including his two daughters, his wife, and himself. Mohammed Nasim’s mother-in-law sustained serious injuries in the attack.

The situation in both Buthidaung and Maungdaw continues to deteriorate, with reports indicating that the Myanmar military and the AA are targeting Rohingya civilians intentionally. There are concerns that these actions are part of a broader effort to forcibly expel the remaining Rohingya population from Arakan State, Myanmar.

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