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Five Rohingyas, including two damsels, a woman, and two children, were killed in a launcher bomb attack from Ward No. 01, Buthidaung downtown, by AA on April 30, 2024.

A source stated, “AA attacked Ward No. 01, Buthidaung downtown without any reason on April 30, 2024, resulting in the deaths of many Rohingyas, including damsels and children, and one Rohingya woman.”

He also added, “A launcher bomb was dropped at Ward No. 01, Buthidaung downtown, killing most family members, injuring some, and completely burning down a home.”

AA attacked with a launcher bomb without reason in Ward No. 01, Buthidaung downtown, dropping it at the compound of Sharmina Akter, resulting in the entire family’s death and one of her sisters being heavily injured.

Sharmina Akter and her two children were killed on the spot after the launcher bomb hit them, and two more damsels were heavily injured, succumbing to their injuries a few hours later. One of Sharmina Akter’s sisters was seriously injured and has been admitted to Buthidaung Hospital, undergoing treatment there.

A resident said, “There were no clashes, but AA deliberately attacked the Ward/village because it is predominantly Rohingya, with the ultimate intention of escalating the situation and causing panic.

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