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RATHEDAUNG – Several Rohingya Houses were robbed at gunpoint in Sin Khone Tine (Muslim) Village of Rathedaung Township by an unidentified armed group at around 4 a.m . last Sunday.

Seven men holding guns and machetes raided the village and especially broke into some houses. They looted their valuable belongings including gold ornaments, cash money and cattle leaving other household appliances vandalized.

 The victims are identified as Abdul Karim, Abdul Jobbar, Sajidah, Ambiya, Mohammad Salam, Lal Miya and Kasim.

Totally about seven ticals of gold ornaments and 16 lakh kyats were looted in this armed robbery. And bull was stabbed after they failed to take it away.

As soon as the have entered the village, they fired several gunshots and when the villages left the village thinking there is armed clashes between AA and Myanmar military, they started plundering.

As the robbers were in civil dress and speaking in fluent Rakhine, the villagers allege they may have link with the only locally dominant rebel group Arakan Army.

According to Rohingya Today, another group of 25, allegedly, members of AA raided the Sin Khone Tine Village on 7th October at around 1:30 p.m. They brought the male members of families out of their houses and forced to destroy own houses.

Seven houses from Sin Khone Tine and 23 houses from Lun Taung Village were reportedly destroyed. In addition, they took away seven women who were released shortly before the sunset. It is yet to be known if they were subjected to any immoral harassment.

They also took away 25 cows and vandalized other household belongings and valuables.

Some villagers also believe that they may be military members in civil dress because they are licensed robbers of the government who usually commit such violent crimes.

Any action by the government is not yet reported to have been taken.

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